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190/5300 Series Parts Scans

I've been hanging out on the AppleFritter forums lately. Probably a little too much... One of the particular boards is dedicated to scans of NuBus architecture Macs and their respective expansion boards. A member active on the Hacks board has been working out a way to connect a 1400 CPU daughter card to a 2300 motherboard. This poster asked for some 190 or 5300 motherboard scans, and that was all the encouragement I needed to finally shell out the bucks for a scanner to do some scanning of my own!

The PowerBook 190
Here are a set of PowerBook 190 motherboard scans. Click the thumbnail for a medium-ish resolution scan of either the top of the motherboard or the bottom of the motherboard. The top weighs in at about 400KB, the bottom at a little more than 600KB.

You might note that this board has no power connector and some damage - I bought it used, and that's how it arrived. That's not my abuse!
Click the links at right for some ridiculously large images.

PowerBook 5300ce
Here are scans of my 5300ce's motherboard.
Click for some ridiculously ultra-hires images.

190/5300 PDS, PMU, and IR Cards
Here are some interesting scans of two PDS cards, the 5300 PMU board, and the IR card.


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