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Software: stuff we make

ClassicStumbler is our flagship offering. CS has had literally thousands of downloads from VersionTracker and MacUpdate. CS is a utility that works in concert with AirPort, scanning and displaying information about all of the wireless computer networks in range of your AirPort equiped Mac. If you're just looking for a tool to tell you your connection quality, consider CS Signal Monitor.
CS Signal Monitor
CS Signal Monitor is a small, stand-alone shareware utility that works in concert with your AirPort software and hardware. It displays a meter showing the signal strength and noise level for your currently connected wireless network.our flagship offering. Run CSSM whenever you just want to check on your network's reliability.
Telesthesia is a small tool that can give you information about your TCP/IP network such as the IP addresses in use, network latency, and more.
Acuity is a simple RSS feed reader for Mac OS 7.6 or later. It's not as fancy as the OS X clients, but it does help fill the void of readers in OS 8 and 9. *NEW*
Pi Calculator
Pi Calculator is an entertaining little concept program. It initially started as an example of numerical computing for a college physics course, but it also makes for an interesting diversion. Pi Calculator uses random number generators to figure the value of p.
Google News Grabber
Google News Grabber is a type of "spider" that visits Google News [], gets the headlines and summaries for the current stories, then displays them on your screen in a news ticker and headline browser.
SystemSaver mimics the BeOS "blanket" screensaver. It displays icons from the system suitcase when your Mac idles. It is an application based screensaver, and is fully configurable. (Version 1.0.1 has a slight bug. Read more...)

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