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PowerBook 5300 FAQ

Please be patient. The FAQ is still under construction.

1) Software

1.1) Operating Systems

1.2) Networks & Internet

1.3) Productivity & Creativity

1.4) Utility

1.5) Miscellaneous

2) Hardware

2.1) Memory

2.2) Graphics/Video

2.3) Hard Disks

2.4) Removable Storage/Expansion Bay Devices

2.5) SCSI Devices

2.6) PDS/Internal Expansion Cards

2.7) PCMCIA/PC Cards

2.8) Networking

2.9) Logic Board

2.10) Power & Battery

2.11) Input devices

2.12) Ports/Connectivity

2.13) Miscellaneous


PowerBook 5300 History

H.1) M2: An excerpt from AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group

H.2) 5300s, fire, and the myth

H.3) Famous 5300s

H.4) Trade-ins

H.5) Mustang: The PowerBook 5300 Successor


A.1) Clock Chipping

A.1.1) Overclocking: Resistors

A.1.2) Overclocking: Oscillator

A.2) Installing Linux

A.3) Upgrading the Trackpad

A.4) Repairing the Power Receptacle

A.5) Repairing the Trackpad Button

A.6) PowerBook 5300/190 Series REA

A.7) Connector Pinouts

A.8) Drivers

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